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RN-16 Palm Nailer®  

Technical Support

RN-16 Palm Nailers are no longer being manufactured or distrubuted by Danair, Inc. We do offer support and carry internal replacement parts for them.

Nail Head
21/64"3-8RN 16-8
3/8"6-16RN 16-16
3/8"6-16RN 16-16M
29/64"16-30RN 16-30
29/64"16-30RN 16-30M
19/32"30-70RN 16-70
7/8"SpikeRN 16-78
(finish nail)
FN 16-16
(finish nailer)

Flexibility - The RN- 16 Palm Nailer® has INTERCHANGEABLE GUIDES to handle finish nails and common nail head diameters up to 7/8". Nails can be countersunk or left standing to a predetermined height. The Palm Nailer® is easily held in the palm of the hand and allows the user to reach and nail, in any position, and in places a standard hammer cannot be swung.

Performance - The Danair, Inc. Palm Nailer® has no trigger. Hammering action begins with a light pressure on the nail and stops when the nail is set as desired. Nails do not become ammunition; the Danair, Inc. Palm Nailer® is the SAFEST automatic nailer on the market.

Availability - Palm Nailer parts are IN STOCK at some Danair, Inc. Dealer locations and at the factory in Elko, Nevada. Orders received in the morning at the factory are often shipped the same day.

Protection - Danair, Inc. Dealers and Customers can feel secure knowing that Danair, Inc. products are covered by PRODUCT LIABILITY INSURANCE. Keeping a business alive and healthy in today's environment is difficult enough without the risk of financial ruin because of non- insured products. Remember, Danair, Inc. stands behind its dealers and customers.

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